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Award Winning "Truth About Trees" 


Truth About Trees is an educational kit designed to provide educators with everything they need to teach elementary students about the benefits of properly harvesting trees.  These kits are distributed to elementary educators worldwide and the total cost is underwritten by forest products industry members.  Each kit includes lesson plans,  a DVD called "Friends of the Forest" explaining the importance of harvesting trees, several everyday items made from trees, 25 wooden rulers, 25 pencils, and 25 coloring books.  


Truth About Trees fulfills NEBRASKA and IOWA teaching standards in social studies and science.

The video version of Truth About Trees is a 35th Annual Telly Award winner, as well as a nominee for the Tennessee Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award.

To request a Truth About Trees kit, please click here Your kit will be shipped to you as soon as a sponsor in the industry can be secured.  Thank you! 


And if you teach in or near Omaha, Nebraska, be sure to take your students to the brand new Forever Forest exhibit at the Omaha Children's Museum where your Truth About Trees kit will be brought to life.   Children can try out multiple roles of the lumber industry while they operate machinary and vehicles that cut, haul, and process lumber.