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Meet Tommy

Hardwood Forest Foundation Spokesperson, Tommy MacDonald, is an Emmy-Nominated woodworking television show host who is known as one of the best furniture makers of today.

MacDonald discovered a passion for woodworking in middle school, where shop classes and an after school program fed his growing love for the craft. In 9th grade, he entered the Blue Hills Regional Vocational Technical High School in Canton, Mass. - his hometown. Twenty years later, he went on to graduate from North Bennet Street School, an internationally renowned craft and trade school in Boston's North End.

MacDonald has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Fine Woodworking Magazine, Woodshop News and The Boston Globe. His furniture has been displayed at the Massachusetts Historical Society, the Rhode Island School of Design museum, the Concord Museum and Doric Hall in the Massachusetts State House.

MacDonald is featured in the organization’s 35th Annual Telly Award Winning video version of its flagship program, Truth About Trees.

To learn more about Tommy Mac, check him out here.