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Chocolate, Root Beer, & Trees?

So, what could a chocolate bar and a mug of root beer possibly have in common, other than being yummy?   Well, they both start with ingredients that come from trees! 

Chocolate is made from the cocoa bean, which grows on a tree known as the Theobroma Caco, or Cocoa tree.  The main ingredient in traditional Root Beer is Sassafras, which of course comes from the Sassafras tree. The Cocoa tree can be found in countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Fiji, and Jamaica, among a few others.  The fruit on the Cocoa tree is called a pod, which is where the cocoa beans grow.  These pods do not fall from the tree and must be hand harvested.  The Sassafras tree is native to eastern North America and eastern Asia, and can grow as tall as 115 feet. The Sassafras tree is deciduous; therefore, it will lose all of it's leaves for part of the year.

Source:  Wikipedia